Hurricane Damage

Hurricane Claims

Every year, Floridians face the threat of catastrophic hurricanes. Such natural disasters can cause significant damage to homes and businesses, and pain and suffering for Florida residents. If you have suffered property damage as a result of a hurricane, we believe your insurance claim should be handled swiftly and fairly, without added headaches to an already difficult situation. Unfortunately, insurance companies often overlook the needs of customers, and create barriers to recovery after disaster. Claims can go unpaid for months or years while damages remain unfixed. Other times claims can remain significantly underpaid, creating a burden on property owners to pay for repairs themselves or go without entirely.

Our firm provides representation to Florida property owners who have suffered damages from hurricanes. Our team of Florida hurricane lawyers assists with all facets of the insurance claim, meeting with clients and frequently conducting on-site visits to personally collect evidence of damages. We believe our clients deserve the best, and in service of that goal we prosecute claims to ensure the best settlement possible, every time.

If you have suffered damage from a hurricane and have filed an insurance claim or are considering doing so, contact our office today to discuss your rights as a property owner under Florida law. We will have an attorney ready to hear your case if you schedule a free consultation to begin your hurricane claim.

Hurricane News

Get the latest news on tropical storm activity with NOAA’s Hurricane Center.

Prepare for Your Claim

If your property has been affected by natural disaster, consult the following list to begin preparing for your claim.

  • Take pictures and date them
  • Take video of any damage, especially when it rains (do not comment on the video)
  • Save receipts for all repairs you have to perform to stop the damage
  • Obtain all insurance policies that may cover your home
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