Defective Stucco Instalation

Stucco Defect Claims

For over a decade, we have fought for homeowners who have experienced significant damage to their homes. We have recently focused our efforts on an increasingly widespread epidemic of defectively-installed stucco. We have found that many homeowners fall victim to general contractors who install stucco improperly by using poor workmanship. This can cause damage to homes that may remain undiscovered for years, causing both air and water damage to the interior of the home. Because of this potential for serious property damage, it is important that stucco be installed up to proper building codes and standards.  If a builder improperly installed stucco at your home, you may have grounds for a claim.

Depending on the nature of your claim, it may proceed in a variety of ways.  It is possible that your builder could be found liable for poor workmanship or violations of current building code. Your insurance carrier could also be at fault for resulting losses from the construction defect. If the stucco at your home is cracking, peeling, or falling off, contact us for a free consultation. There are experienced structural engineering firms with which we have worked for many years who would be competent to analyze the damage and provide help.

As with many legal matters, there is a limited amount of time in which your claim would be considered valid. This reality combined with the nature of stucco damage (i.e. it can remain hidden for a substantial amount of time before being discovered) means that it is important to contact our firm swiftly if you wish to pursue a claim. You may also be required by your insurance policy or builder’s contract to report the claim promptly, which would add an additional time pressure. Your options may narrow as time passes, so do not hesitate to contact our firm today to learn more about your rights.

Florida’s Billion-Dollar Stucco Problem — Part 1

Your home is your most expensive investment. But it may also be rotting away – and losing value – faster than you could ever imagine. Watch this video from 10 News and contact us to find out how this could affect you.

What homebuilders don’t want you to know about stucco — Part 2

Engineers say massive stucco failures in Florida homes, many just five-to-seven years old, can be directly connected to negligence in the installation process. Watch this video from 10 News and contact us to find out how this could affect you.

Repose bill affects Florida homeowners
Reducing Statute of Repose

A new bill has been proposed that could reduce the amount of time homeowners have to take action against builders of defective homes. Watch this video from First Coast News and contact us to find out how this could affect you.

Prepare for Your Claim

If you notice stucco damage, consult the following list to begin preparing for your claim.

  • Take pictures and date them
  • Take video of any damage, especially when it rains (do not comment on the video)
  • Save receipts for all repairs you have to perform to stop the damage
  • Obtain all sales contracts with your builder or contractor
  • Obtain any warranty documentation from your builder or contractor
  • Obtain all insurance policies that may cover your home
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